Separation Anxiety Natural Treatment 30ml


Separation Anxiety Natural Treatment 30ml

  • For dogs that bark when left alone at home.
  • Pet who chews things when owner leaves house.
  • Boarding Kennel situations from separation anxiety support.
  • Use for comforting and assisting all species and ages.

Separation anxiety problem.  i.e. fear of abandonment/separation, and previously traumatic events. Suggest mix several homeopathic pills or drops into their water bowl once a week or everytime the water is changed.  Also use for any pet that have been "rescued" of the street, from previous owner's, pound or animal refuge

HAMPL Anxiety  30ml (1oz)
Contains hampl's custom blend of  homeopathics of: 
Ignatia, Puls, Hyos, Scullaria 1M, 10M, Arg  Nit 1M.

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