Many cats need professional grooming, especially medium, long haired, the elderly & over weight.  We can bath & blow dry your cat, clip or tidy up if needed. We take a very relaxed approach when grooming cats and our CERTIFIED MASTER FELINE GROOMER is extremely confident and experienced, .

All haired cats benefit from regular grooming. Professional grooming encourages coat health and vitality, ensures the cat is soft, silky and cuddly, and rids matting, hairballs, urine and faecal matter.

Longer trims, lion trims and show grooms also available for more manageability, all cats are handled by expert qualified groomers without sedation. We have modern cat grooming equipment and techniques.


Bath/blowdry/de-shed/nails: short haired: from $65 long haired from $75

lion trim (with bath/blowdry/nails): from $120

lion from (without bath): from $80

longer comb cut/bath/blowdry/nails: $120

nail caps (soft claws): $25/set

nail clip only: $5

for other services prices are quoted upon enquiry due to the need to tailor the grooming session depending on your cat’s temperament. Naomi is a certified MASTER FELINE GROOMER the highest qualification, you cat will enjoy our spa treatments. call and book today 0451 515 364

cat being groomed.jpg