Puppoose's Flea Policy

Currently fleas are a major pest, they love the summer humidity & the warmth of the inside during winter. We have a strict flea policy, whereby if your pet is found to have a flea we will need to treat them with a flea treatment to prevent contamination of our mobile salon.

Fleas not only cause your pet to scratch, they also are responsible for nasty skin irritations, tape worm, anemia & fleas through your house! They are easy to get rid of if you use the right preventions. We are happy to treat them with the prevention of your choice.

Puppoose highly recommends Comfortis a new product which is finally working. Comfortis takes only 40 minutes to work, which means we can give the first tablet and groom your pet, once they are finished they are flea free! One Comfortis tablet lasts a month and comes in a 6 month pack. Comfortis seems quiet economical compared to other flea preventions and it actually works. 

fleas lifecycle.jpg