PlaqClnz the revolutionary fresh breath solution!

Pet bad breath is often overlooked, but it’s actually one of the first signs of oral disease.  

“At any one time, 80% of all dogs and 70% of all cats show signs of dental and oral health diseases. Regular dental care can add as much as five years to a pet’s life.”— American Veterinary Dental Society

PlaqClnz eliminates pet bad breath, protects oral health and helps add up to three healthy years to your pet’s life.

Your groomer can be one of the most important caregivers in your pet’s life, and a partner in protecting their health. Ask your groomer to take a few minutes to note your pet’s breath and examine their teeth and gums for signs of oral disease. 

Be sure to tell your groomer if your pet has noticeable bad breath or any problems with chewing, loss of appetite, uneaten food, food dropping from the mouth or pawing at the mouth or face.

How PlaqClnz Works...

The pet oral cleansing system designed for dogs and cats of all ages. 

PlaqClnz Spray and Gel are the only alcohol free pet oral care products that reduce plaque and tartar without brushing. They contain scientifically proven, natural ingredients including Zinc complex, which stops odour formation, interferes with tartar growth and may aid in healing soft tissue. 

Puppoose is authorised PlaqClnz Groomer. We use PlaqClnz Spray along with the Oral Irrigator to quickly clean and freshen your pets’ mouth. You'll be encouraged to continue using the at-home PlaqClnz Gel product. 

You’ll find PlaqClnz Gel affordable (suggested retail $29.95) easy and comfortable to use thanks to it’s neutral PH and taste-free formula. Even the most finicky dogs and cats will accept PlaqClnz.

PlaqClnz Gel goes to the bacterial source and helps eliminate the plaque and tartar that cause bad breath.

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PlaqClnz Gel is:

All natural (Zinc & Taurine Complex) 

Simple to use - no brushing needed

Taste free for finicky cats and dogs                                      

Affordable and cost effective

encouraged to be applied daily

Is the non-anaesthesia alternative to costly dental cleanings

Why Zinc?

Zinc Science = Results 

University research shows pet bad breath and gingivitis can be improved by using technically advanced oral care products that contain Zinc, which inhibits odour formation and helps heal gum tissue.

Exclusive Zinc-based Formula

Unlike other pet oral health formulas, only PlaqClnz products contain Zinc and an amino acid complex, clinically proven effective to prevent plaque and tartar build-up in pets’ mouths. Other ingredients in the exclusive PlaqClnz formula include: deionized water, carboxymethylcellulose and taurine (an amino acid). 

Early Signs. Easy Prevention. 

PlaqClnz is proven effective in preventive pet oral health care. The key is to identify pets with potential oral health problems and take preventive steps.

With regular use, Zinc-based PlaqClnz:

• Interferes with plaque and tartar formation 

• Helps heal soft tissue

The PlaqClnz two Step Process:


Simply apply a few drops of the PlaqClnzGel daily inside your pets mouth for to start the cleansing process.

(Many pets will accept application of PlaqClnz directly from the bottle tip, while others will be more comfortable if you use your finger or a cotton swab to apply it.)


First your Puppoose groomer will pre-treat your pets mouth with the special PlaqClnz spray.

Then gently flush the mouth with the PlaqClnz Oral irrigator system during the bath to remove plaque and debris.

Ideally the PlaqClnz Irrigation process should be performed on a monthly basis. Results occur instantly depending on severity, over time your pet may be dental disease free therefore no need for irrigation treatment especially if you are keeping up with the PlaqClnz oral gel.

The PlaqClnz Gel cost $29.95

The PlaqClnz Oral irrigation Service $25.00.