Thank-you for allowing Puppoose to groom your pets, we pride ourselves in professionalism & care for your pet. To help us provide the very best service please read our terms & conditions & sign the acknowledgement before we commence. Thank you kindly regards the Puppoose staff.

The Puppoose staff reserve the right to refuse to groom aggressive, unruly or matted dogs, dogs weighing more than 45kgs (safe lift load) and may refuse to service difficult clients.

Please ensure your prepared for out arrival at least 15 minutes prior to appointment time. We have tight schedules & may run early or late depending on traffic congestion. Please ensure you have an adequate parking spot close to water & power point access, once set up we can't move the vehicle  so ensure we have not parked you in. 

A $50 fee is charged if we arrive and cannot complete the appointment because your not home or your dog in not accessible - known as a "no show". we will send a text reminder the day prior to the appointment. If you miss your appointment and need to reschedule you will have to wait until we next have availability in your area, possibly up to 6 weeks. Cancellations & reschedules at late notice (less than 6 hours) will also be charge $50 fee to cover admin time to replace your appointment.

Payment must be collected on the day of services, we accept cash, cheque, eftpos, visa, MasterCard & American express (3% surcharge). The easiest way we can collect payment is if you provide your credit card  details (fill out details on new client form) and we charge your card at each appointments and leave the receipt. We do not accept direct deposits or accounts.

Regular clients may choose to have their pets groomed, fortnightly, monthly, 6, 8, 10 or 12 weekly. Casual clients can phone/text or email, to see when we are next available in your area, we cannot guarantee we will have space available so best to book well prior. Regular clients will be given priority over casuals in the peak times (November through to January). We do book out very quickly for this time so best you book at least 8 weeks ahead for before Christmas. Our booking cut off date is 1st December, because we are very busy grooming more pets during this time and will not available to take bookings, if you have not booked before 1st December 2014 we will not be available until 10th January  2015

Last minute Cancellations or no shows in December 2014 will incur a $75 cancellation fee to cover travel cost & admin time. If you repeatedly no show, cancel or reschedule we may refuse to service your pets in the future.

We can give a rough quote over the phone as to the grooming fees but will only be able to confirm the cost once we see your pet. Extra charges may occur if your pet is matted, felted, aggressive, wet, muddy, or over weight.

We appreciate your cooperation.