When we ask you to produce a vaccination certificate for your pet, we aren’t just trying to annoy you,

It’s a matter of life and death for pets.

We keep our business clean and hygienic to protect your pet. That means that EVERY pet must be

Vaccinated, and that means a vaccination certificate signed by your veterinarian for EVERY pet.

That’s our commitment as a Pets Australia member.


- One GRAM of faeces from a dog with Parvovirus can infect UP TO ONE MILLION other dogs.

- Dogs can “look normal” and still have active Parvovirus infection if they aren’t vaccinated – shedding Billions of virus particles.

- Parvovirus particles can survive for up to 18 months under the right conditions.

- Canine Cough germs can survive up to 6 months under the right conditions

- Normal cats can shed Cat Flu viruses for years after infection the only way to stop many pet diseases is to prevent them

– With vaccination, cleaning and disinfection. There is no cure.

We do our bit with cleaning and disinfection, but we need you to help us avoid contamination. If every pet is vaccinated the premises don’t get contaminated and your pet is best protected from disease.

We are happy to phone your vet to get a copy if needed.

PLEASE, email, SMS, or have a copy of your pets vaccination certificate available for us to quickly sight & record the date at your pets grooming appt. we will only need to do this 12monthly, and will still be able to groom your pet within 3 months after due date, any longer and we may need to wait until you have had them vaccinated. We hugely appreciate your co-operation, and hope you are satisfied that we are providing the safest environment for your pet.

Kind regards

The Puppoose team

Contact email: info@puppoose.com.au0451 515 364 (Phone, SMS or MMS)